Email server

Email server

Cutting-edge Features

We have designed the email clients to ensure our customers can enjoy the great features not only on Desktop users but by other users as well. To provide our users the best of the products we are providing a fully packed error free with great look and feel solution which resolves all your needs.

Structured Inbox

Any to every feature that you require we have it for you. Our webmail features are so organized that you don’t have to look lost while using email. To top of it all these features comes without advertisement.

Online Office Apps

In today’s mobile world when everything is available on the go why should our solutions remain behind. We introduce you a bundled package which includes everything. From daily use to special work you will find everything with our products. We say ‘you name it we have it’

Dashboard and Domain details

DYou don’t have to switch between two or more windows for settings. We give you control of all domain-related settings and the general settings of your organization's from the Dashboard.

Custom Login URL and Logo

For any company it is important that their users are able to recognize them and to do that we provide to featured customization of your login URL with your customized logo on the screen and control panel.

Retirement Planning

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Security Practices, Policies & Infrastructure

• Physical Security
• Network Security
• People Processes
• Redundancy and Business Continuity

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