Dispatch Support Services

Dispatch Support Services

Pix Dispatch Services

Pix Dispatch Services arranges premium dispatch services.
For owner operators & truckers handling phone calls and paperwork, PDS provides end to end complete solution with 24x7 supports for your complete fleet. In addition, we can handle the rest of your administrative overhead such as negotiating rates, detentions and handling necessary paperwork, scheduling the appointments. Our specialized and trained professional teams take care of the safety and compliance. That ensures that you be on the top in rating. We have multiple dispatch service plans to choose from along with the FTL solutions. PDS saves you time & money.

Why Choose Our Dispatch Services?

We have numerous services, from basic to premium solutions, we offer multiple services taking care of all logistic factors.

​ • We ensure that the basic operations save you at least 40%.
• CRM: we have our own CRM and staff management system, the access is also provided to the brokers.
• Never miss a Detention: Our dedicated team ensures that you get all the eligible detention & layovers.
• We can provide load coverage in which back hauling is made easy and profitable.
• 24/7/365 Dispatch assistance & instant issue resolution.
• English, Punjabi, Hindi, Spanish Agents available .
• Credit checks with your Factoring companies before getting loaded.
• Follow up on payments and collections.
• Invoice generation on your behalf.

After enhancing your companies dispatching service, our expert Freight broking agents would align your trucks with reputed shippers where you will get constant loads and better payout.

Call now(365) 560-0706 to get your own team of experts.

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